I'm Riley. I live in Anacosita, East of the River in our Nations Capitol. My husband and I are loving our new home... despite the fact that I am not a city girl. I try to make it work. I graduated from Miami University (Ohio) and Wright State University with degrees in Mass Communications and a Masters of Public Administration. Over my lifetime, I've dealt with some interesting medical issues, many of them chronic, some of them rare, and all of them have changed my outlook on life and faith. It is my congenital hypopituitarism that brought me to the blogging world. From there, it extends to many aspects of my life and has taught me a bit along the way!

Here are a few of the sweet things in life.

My wonderful husband Aaron.
Met: 2012 Dated:2013 Married: 2014

Our rescue pup, Mowgli. He will love
you to pieces once he stops barking at you.

We don't have kids, yet. But until we do, we can spoil
our niece and nephew. The twins, William and Whitney.

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