Friday, June 10, 2016

Never Give Up

Sunrise Photo: Standing in the Lincoln Monument
I haven't updated you in a while. I've been busy, which really is no excuse. I told myself I was going to make this blog a priority, and I did for almost 5 months. I guess maybe a break is a good thing? Now that my little sabbatical is over, I can offer you an information dump! I owe you a few things. So in no particular order, these have been my last few weeks:

NR Dining Out: Over a year ago, I complained mentioned to Aaron's section head (bosses, boss) that I wanted to be a "real Navy wife"...  Not "real" by way of deployments, long hours, continuous TDYs (Temporary Duty), or sea excursions for months at a time... But "real" in the “I'd like to attend events, meet other Navy wives, make fun of our husbands together, start a bunko group (is that a thing?)” kind of way. Never in a million years did I bargain for PLANNING such events. I guess since I started this whole mess, I should be the one to clean it up.
Well it happened. After a year of saying when, now I'm  asking "what did I get myself into?" I can tiredly happily say that last Friday was the culmination of basically planning a second wedding. Over 220 people joined together for dinner, dancing, skits, pranks, music videos, and A LOT of laughter. I am truly amazed at what some of these engineers do every day for the Navy, but I'm more amazed at their ability to entertain a crowd. My stereotypical picture of engineers not being able to socialize faded a little. My husband essentially ran the whole event, wrote many of the skits, and planned many of the pranks! I'm starting to wonder why he didn't help out more with our wedding… The 4 star Admiral stayed until the very end, even offering to help with clean up. It was an incredible display of camaraderie that Naval Reactors has not yet seen, and the best part? Everyone is already asking about next year! Maybe it's time to pass the torch.

HOUSE: For the 7th and hopefully final time (at least while living in DC), I am moving! We are officially HOMEOWNERS! I iced my hand, signed the papers, and we wrote the big check. Everyone keeps saying what a big milestone this is, but honestly, compared to finding a place to rent, this was almost easy. Plus, next year, I don't have to pack all over again! It will be strange staying in a place longer than 10 months (I think that's my record in DC). We have slowly begun moving in over the last several days. Mowgli seems to enjoy the new backyard. So far he has only seen it once, but he bounced all the way to the back of it to, well, take care of some business. Really, Mowgli? Actually, we take this as a good sign. He is pretty particular about where he will go #diva 

Infertility: After Tuesday's appointment, I can't decide if I'm relieved I didn't tell you about my excitement after my previous appointments or upset that I didn't tell you so that you could feel my sadness alongside me. Tuesday was a bittersweet appointment. Bitter because this is over 30 days on Menopur injections. Bitter because after 6ish (I've lost count) ultrasounds and a  month of doctors being noticeably excited that one particular follicle was already 12mm in size (20mm is what they are looking for), they discovered that it was actually outside of the ovary and not even a follicle but a paraovarian cyst. Bitter because I'm sick of ultrasounds already, and bitter because I thought things were progressing quickly for once in this journey. All of that said, this appointment was also sweet because it actually makes sense. If I really had a 12mm follicle, the follicle should have begun producing estrogen, and it hasn't. Sweet because I don't have to keep worrying that only part of the response is happening. Sweet because the ultrasounds are getting easier for the doctors, which means the menotropins are increasing the size of my ovaries (a good response), and sweet because I still get to have hope for having a child. It's been a wild 30+ days’ worth of shots, doctors, blood tests, ultrasounds, and more shots. This week my RE has me injecting an additional 1/2cc of Menopur with a follow up next Monday.

It is so hard to imagine the women that go through years and years of infertility treatments and never achieve pregnancy. I'm so thankful that some response is happening and that each appointment I am able to continue. So until the day they tell me no, I will push forward through the painful injections, the long drives to Walter Reed, the uncomfortable tests, the bruises, the days of missed work, and the anxiety it all brings. I'm just fortunate to be here at all!


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