Thursday, April 21, 2016

Two Steps Forward

I’ve backspaced this sentence about twelve times now, which is ironic because my life has done nothing but move f o r w a r d this week! The last few days provided not one but two answered prayers for the Ackerman establishment (Mowgli included)!
I’ll start with last Friday, the beginning of what was supposed to be a laid back weekend.  It was a beautiful afternoon in the District. I was meeting another navy wife (Ashley of Beyond Soy) to talk with the caterer at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) Officer’s Club for a “Dining Out” event I’m helping put together. I was really looking forward to the weekend because we had almost nothing planned except for a birthday brunch for our friend Kristy (reference pregnancy photos from March Madness).
I should have known the next few days of my life would be exciting when after our meeting, the caterer walked us over to the Club dining room and offered us two free tickets to the seafood lunch (crab legs included). Yum!
On Saturday, after a lazy morning of coffee drinking and music listening, my husband and I started our official house hunting shenanigans. I say “official” because we finally got off our bottoms and walked through some houses. We’ve been scouring websites like Redfin and Zillow for months but hadn’t taken the plunge into loan approvals and realtor brokers!
Several weeks ago, we decided that Northern Virginia living was not for the Ackermans. Every time I began looking in Alexandria, Reston, or Falls Church, I got sick to my stomach. It did not feel right. I felt like I was losing everything God provided when I moved to this city.
If you had talked to me a year ago, I would have shared a different story. I wanted out. I longed for the country. God has worked so much in my heart over the past year. There are times I can’t imagine living anywhere else; willingly giving up the community that we have been provided seemed wrong. You’ve witnessed parts of my community throughout this blog, and I hope you continue to see just how loved we feel in this city.
Anyway, on Saturday, we found this street in Historic Anacostia. Driving through, it seemed a little rough. Something stuck out to me though: people waved. There was an historic home with an open house on Sunday, and I told Aaron we were going back. He was iffy about it. He basically said, “Okay, we will drive by again, but I’m not promising we will get out.” Fast forward – we did go back, and we did get out of our car, but we didn’t buy the home. It was nice, but the renovations were poorly done, and Aaron couldn’t quite stand up in the basement #tallpeopleproblems
To the right of the tree is the Capitol!
We continued our house hunting adventure and were tracking down another home in a different area east of the river. But Google maps took us to the wrong place. What we didn’t realize is that there are two W streets in Anacostia. So realizing that the historic home was on a W street, I told Aaron for a second time that we had to go back to the historic house and drive further down that street. I knew in my gut we would find the house we were looking for. So we did. We found it. We bought it. And we LOVE it. The entertainment space provided is outstanding, the lighting is incredible, and the backyard is serene. None of these are words typically used to describe a house in the city. But they describe our new home, and we could not be more thankful! Our street is a quiet one, and our home is almost at the top of a hill surrounded by a reservoir. That means the wooded land behind and to the side of us will never be used for construction. An oasis in the center of a bustling city! To make matters even
better – we can see the capitol dome from our family room windows!
What would you say if I now told you that our home purchase isn’t even the best news of the week? What if I said we had news that answered a prayer we’ve been bringing to God ever since we got engaged? 
On Tuesday, Aaron came home and said he needed to talk to me. I assumed it was about our house offer being accepted.  [A little background: At Naval Reactors, where Aaron works, it is very difficult to remain on active duty after the five-year commitment. There are very limited spots and they are highly sought after. For us, staying active duty would mean continued medical benefits (good for me), travel to a field location at some point for a few years (fun adventure for us), and an overall home base in DC (great for the house we just purchased!), a retirement plan (good for Aaron!), and an automatic job once July 2017 hits.]
If you haven’t already figured it out, Aaron was offered one of the two spots. All the anxiety I was feeling about infertility, losing Tricare and access to Walter Reed and NIH next July instantly vanished. A prayer prayed so feverishly was answered!
We are so blessed by our Father, so blessed in the community that has supported us over the past four years, so enamored and in awe of the gifts God has provided. I was anxious and untrusting of the Lord with our future and with my medical situation, and I tried taking everything into my own hands, not allowing the will of the Father to make a way. But He is the only one who can prepare this path. He is the only one who could have softened my heart for this city. He is the only one who could have given us this beautiful home, this job, and this city full of people we love.

This week, the light of God has shined brightly on a broken family with anxious hearts. We are blessed.


  1. This is so exciting! You're right, one year ago, I was expecting you to pack up shop and join me in Colorado. I'm so thankful for The Lord's provision for you and Aaron. I know that home will be used for His glory!

    1. Thanks Melanie! :-) Although - You know I would still love to join you in Colorado! :-)

  2. Ummmm, you didn't post of picture of my room? I'm going to need to know dimensions so i can figure out which wall I will hang my Breakfast Club mural.

    1. dimensions are 12x14 I think... Get to decorating! No Breakfast Club murals - I can't have a mural in my house of a movie i've never seen... don't judge me...