Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness

This post has nothing to do with basketball... but come on, the title perfectly describes my previous four weeks - at least for someone who's number one priority is rest!
Do you ever look back at the previous month and wonder where the heck it went? That is what March has been like for me.  Where has the time gone? Where did winter go? (Not complaining) Where did these allergies and migraines come from? (complaining) And when do I get a “spring break”? Welcome to the real world, where spring breaks don’t exists and DC tourists plague the metro.  What a nightmare. On that note, come visit DC, the cherry blossoms really are quite nice… although, with the wind we had earlier this week, they might have blown away!
Anyways, back to the actual reason for this post… March!
As I am still entering the blog world and finding my place within it, I want to update you on the enjoyable aspects of my life. Here are my five words to describe March.
Collaboration: A coworker of Aaron’s and good friends of ours (the Begley’s) have a blog on living soy free. If you have any sort of food allergy or sensitivity, it’s a great resource for living with a restricted diet. You can find it here: Beyond Soy. Tom is starting a Podcast to go along with the Beyond Soy website and I was able to do my first (of hopefully many) podcasts with him about living gluten free! It took me back to my college days and hosting radio shows on WMSR Redhawk radio. (Miami University’s Student Radio) It was exciting to be in front of a microphone again!

This next one is not so much a collaboration but a writing date, but hey, i'm putting it under the collaboration category because I can. One of my good friends from college, Rachel, is working on a book and we decided to start doing writing dates via Google video. She lives back in Ohio and we don't get to see each other often. It was so fun to bounce ideas off one another while working on our own projects. We also were able to catch up in the process. Double win!

Old Power Plant in Durham!
Family: Aaron and I had two trips this month to visit family. First, we headed down to Durham, NC to hang out with Aaron’s family. Getting Aaron’s family together doesn’t happen often so we took advantage of the time and did a lot of catching up, eating great southern (gluten free) food, and listening to music. I never tire of hearing Aaron or his siblings play music. I did get extremely exhausted and can only be gracious to Aaron for letting me sneak away and take a four hour nap one of the afternoons!
Gluten Free Fried Fish -
Saltbox Durham, NC
Flowers at my Grandma's :)
Last weekend we spent time at my grandparents in Yorktown, VA. My mom is there right now taking care of my grandma. She goes for months at a time to help and and I can't imagine the stress. My grandma has brain cancer and has been such a survivor this past year. It has been hard, but I’ve also learned a lot about suffering and caring for others. We took my grandmother out to lunch by the York River. She loves the water!

Allergies: What can I say, when the warm weather of spring rushes in, the congestion, wheezing, migraines, and itchiness take over! Is it Autumn yet?
Photography: Last week I was able to take a few maternity photos for my dear friend and former roommate, Kristy! McCay Blog here: La Vita Vera. She is expecting a boy at the end of May and I am so thrilled for Baby Jackson to be here. We took some photos by the Tidal Basin, the Jefferson Memorial and in her sunlit home!

Books: I love to read! I’m in a Navy wives book club to feed this obsession. It’s always nice to step out of my comfort zone and read books I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself. Currently, we are reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. 

This month, my personal series of choice was the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Mass.  Only four of the six are out; I can’t wait for the last two! If you like a good YA fantasy novel, this is a good read. Oh for the love of details! Read it. Next up for YA fantasy: Storm Siren by Mary Weber. If you have any suggestions for me or the book club, throw them my way please!

Well, that's all I have for this week. I hope you enjoyed my update and a few photos. I loved doing each and every one of these things and I’m so glad that I am able!


  1. Look at that! I made the blog! Yippie! I love all the pictures! Even the ones that don't have me being ridiculous in the background. Hope April is awesome for you!

    1. OF course you did! Looking forward to our next writing date!